PRODUCTION: Hungarian Quarantine Zone Film Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

    The Quarantine Zone by Dániel Indi Zsótér The Quarantine Zone by Dániel Indi Zsótér

    BUDAPEST: The first episode of the five-episode film The Quarantine Zone directed by Dániel Indi Zsótér began filming on 7 September 2020. The low-budget film, which is independently produced by the creative team, has also launched a fund-raising campaign to collect 1,665 EUR by 28 September.

    The Quarantine Zone was inspired by the American sci-fi/fantasy series The Twilight Zone, the British series Black Mirror and the 2020 quarantine. The mystical, sometimes grotesque stories take place in five apartments located in the city. The sketch film reflects on this new situation, hardened either by solitude or by being locked up with others, and how it can influence relationships, body and mind. 

    The first episode is expected to be completed by November, with a premiere scheduled for the spring of 2021. The crowdfunding campaign is on Stagehive.eu.  

    Production Information: 

    Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Dániel Indi Zsótér
    Writers: Dániel Indi Zsótér, Orsolya Vida  
    DoP: Ferenc Balázs Dimeth