PRODUCTION: Hungarian Oscar Winner Kristóf Deák Shoots The Grandson

    Shooting of The Grandson by Kristóf Deák Shooting of The Grandson by Kristóf Deák

    BUDAPEST: Kristóf Deák is currently shooting his first feature film The Grandson / Az unoka, a thriller and coming-of-age film with shades of black comedy. Deák won the Academy Award in 2017, when Sing / Mindenki was named best live action short film.

    The main character of The Grandson is a polite, 28 year old office worker called Rudi. After he realises that his beloved grandfather was a  victim of a cruel fraud, he takes the law into his own hands. To achieve his goal, he has to leave his middle-class comfort zone, be resourceful and clever, and find allies.

    The film depicts a very typical crime in Hungary, where crooks deceive elderly people by phone, saying that their grandchildren are in danger and need cash urgently. This is a personal story for Deák, whose own grandfather became a victim of this crime.

    „Loving grandparents fall prey to the scam, and they never forgive it to themselves. They feel like old fools, and sometimes they are not able to recover from the trauma. The family is left with helpless anger. I wrote this film because of them, for them – I wrote it for everybody,” said Deák in a statement.

    Rudi will be played by theatre actor Gergely Blahó, making his film debut. The cast will include Tamás Jordán, Gábor Jászberényi, Judit Pogány, Judit Bárdos and Laura Döbrösi.

    Crew members of the Oscar-winner Sing are returning for The Grandson, including DoP, Róbert Maly, editor, Manó Csillag and composer, Ádám Balázs.

    The film is produced by Tamás Zákonyi for Flashback Media. The Grandson received 1.98 million EUR / 721.9 million HUF from the National Film Institute – Hungary. The total budget is 2.85 million EUR. The production will last for 40 days using more than 20 locations in Budapest. It will wrap in mid-November and be released in the fall of 2021.

    Production Information:

    Producer: Tamás Zákonyi
    Flashback Media (Hungary)
    Supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary.

    Director: Kristóf Deák
    Scriptwriter: Kristóf Deák
    DoP: Róbert Maly
    Editor: Manó Csillag
    Cast: Gergely Blahó, Tamás Jordán, Gábor Jászberényi, Judit Pogány, Judit Bárdos, Laura Döbrösi