FESTIVALS: Verzio Fest 2020 Goes Online


    BUDAPEST: The 17th edition of the Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will take place online in an extended form, running 10 – 22 November 2020.

    The 50 films selected for the festival will be available in Hungary, and in some instances for international audiences. This year, for the first time, the festival will have a competition of Hungarian films, consisting of eight films of 30 minutes or longer, in addition to its International Competition and its Debut/student Competition. The International Competition includes two documentaries coming from the Baltics.

    The following 13 films have been selected for the International Competition:

    17 Blocks (USA)
    Directed by Davy Rothbart

    Freedom Fields (Libya, UK, Netherlands, USA, Lebanon, Qatar, Canada)
    Directed by Naziha Arebi

    God’s Children (Spain)
    Directed by Ekain Irigoien

    Immortal (Estonia, Latvia)
    Directed by Ksenia Okhapkina

    Lindy: The Return of the Little Light (Sweden)
    Directed by Ida Persson Lannerberg

    Maddy the Model (Sweden)
    Directed by Jane Magnusson

    Overseas (Belgium)
    Directed by Sung-A Yoon

    Robolove (Austria)
    Directed by Maria Arlamovsky

    The Earth is Blue as an Orange (Ukraine, Lithuania)
    Directed by Iryna Tsilyk

    They Call Me Babu (Netherlands)
    Directed by Sandra Beerends

    Vilvos (Germany, Mexico)
    Directed by Ai Weiwei

    Wake Up on Mars (Switzerland, France)
    Directed by Dea Gjinovci