PRODUCTION: Hungarian/Vietnamese Coproduction Wraps Hungarian Shoot

    Budapest, Where the Love Starts by Dóra Szűcs Budapest, Where the Love Starts by Dóra Szűcs credit: Kata Soós

    BUDAPEST: Dóra Szűcs's second film, Budapest, Where the Love Starts / Budapest, ahol a szerelem kezdődik finished shooting in Hungary, before moving to Vietnam to continue filming. „This is the first feature film coproduced by Hungary and Vietnam. Moreover, it's the first coproduction between an EU member country and Vietnam,” producer Lea György of Solve Art told FNE.

    The film takes place in two timelines: in the present and in 1974. It depicts a young Vietnamese woman's geographical and emotional journey. Song Ha arrives in Budapest with a distinctive goal: she wants to discover her roots. While she investigates the past, a romantic relationship blossoms between her and Viktor, a Hungarian man.

    „It will be a mixture of a love story and a crime story. They live through many adventures, while they try to find out what happened with Song Ha's grandparents,” the producer said. During the communist era many Vietnamese had the chance to study at Hungarian universities, but they had to return to Vietnam after they finished their education.

    Nari Nguyen plays Song Ha. She was born in Budapest, and won a beauty contest for Vietnamese women living in Europe. This is her first main role, following one previous film. Victor is played by Balázs Koltai-Nagy. The film is lensed by Eszter Csepeli.

    The Hungarian scenes were filmed in Budapest surroundings between 16 October and 27 November 2020. The original plan was to move to Vietnam in January, but the producers had to modify the schedule because of COVID-19. A March shooting seems likely, when they will shoot in Hanoi for five days.

    The film's total budget is 1.44 million EUR / 515 million HUF, the National Film Insitute - Hungary granted 877,827 EUR / 315 million HUF to the production. Budapest, Where the Love Starts is set to be released in February 2022.

    Production Information:

    Budapest, Where the Love Starts by Dóra Szűcs, credit: Kata SoósSolve Art kft. (Hungary)
    Ho Chi Minh City Film Association (Vietnam)

    Supported by National Film Insitute - Hungary

    Director: Dóra Szűcs
    Screenwriter: Dóra Szűcs, Dang Thanh Binh
    DoP: Eszter Csepeli
    Producer: Lea György, Anna Sipos
    Cast: Nari Nguyen, Dzhulya Lam, András Sütő, Balázs Koltai-Nagy