Szabolcs Hajdu's Treasure City Sold to UK and Ireland

    Treasure City by Szabolcs Hajdu Treasure City by Szabolcs Hajdu

    BUDAPEST: Sovereign Film Distribution has acquired the rights to Treasure City / Békeidő for the United Kingdom and Ireland. "Sovereign Films joined the film when we were working on the script. Sovereign Film Distribution is connected to them", director Szabolcs Hajdu told FNE. Treasure City is an independent coproduction between Hungary, Romania, Switzerland and UK.

    The British and Irish cinemas are re-opening, so besides virtual platforms Treasure City will be shown on the silver screen from 18 June 2021. "It is very hard for a Hungarian film to get distribution in the UK", said Hajdu.

    Treasure City debuted online first in Hungary and Romania on 23 April 2020. Later it was distributed online in Switzerland and was shown at various festivals. "Negotiations with other countries are ongoing, but it's a long process because of all the uncertainties caused by the epidemic", Hajdu also said.

    The Hungarian anthology film consists of several interconnected stories which are happening during a single night and tackle the topic of human relations. The cast includes Orsolya Török-Illyés, Lilla Sárosdi, Domokos Szabó, Árpád Schilling, Fanni Wrochna, Magdó Pálfi Magdó and Lujza Hajdu. Szabolcs Hajdu also appears in the film.

    Treasure City was produced by Látókép Production (Hungary) in coproduction with Filmtett Association (Romania), Bord Carde Films (Switzerland) and Sovereign Films (UK). American producer Jim Stark, who previously worked with Jim Jarmusch, Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu and Mexican director Carlos Reygadas, also invested in the film.