Hungarian Production Designer Márton Ágh Secures EFA Award


    BERLIN: The Hungarian production designer Márton Ágh will receive the European Production Design 2021 award from the European Film Academy at the European Film Awards, to be presented on 11 December 2021.

    Ágh is one of the first eight announced award-winners. He is recognised for his work on Natural Light directed by Dénes Nagy. The film was produced by Campfilm and coproduced by Novak Prod, Mistrus Media, Lilith Films, Propeller Film, and Proton Cinema. It was supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary, the National Film Centre of LatviaEurimages, Aides aux Cinémas du Monde, Creative Europe MEDIA, and Torino Film Lab.

    Ágh had been previously nominated for the same European Film Award in 2008 for his work on Delta directed by Kornel Mundruczo.