GRANTS: Hungarian Feature Film Production Grants Announced in 2022


    BUDAPEST: The Hungarian Film Institute – Hungary has distributed 24.5 m EUR for feature film production so far in 2022. Director Balázs Lóth is the biggest winner from the list of 17 feature films (including four international coproductions) as his historical adventure film Now or Never! / Most vagy soha received a record-high production grant of 12.1m EUR / 4.7 billion HUF.

    After a 15 year long break Lajos Koltai returns to directing with The Invisible Killer / A láthatatlan gyilkos, which was given 5.8 m EUR / 2.26 billion HUF, the second highest production grant in 2022. The film depicts the life of physician Ignác Semmelweis, who was called „the saviour of mothers” because of his groundbreaking discovery on how to prevent puerperal fever. Koltai, as the DoP of Malena, was nominated for an Oscar in 2001.

    The international coproductions receiving support include the latest works by Ivan Ostrochovsky, Rafael Kapelinski, Tudor Giurgiu and Dóra Szűcs.

    Click HERE to see the grants chart.