PRODUCTION: Romanian Actor Bogdan Dumitrache Saves Hungarians in Firefighter Film

    Rise Up and Walk by András Fésős shooting Rise Up and Walk by András Fésős shooting credit: Kristóf Galgóczi Németh

    BUDAPEST: Hungarian director András Fésős is in postproduction with his sophomore feature Rise Up and Walk / Kelj fel és járj, starring Romanian actor Bogdan Dumitrache. The film tells the story of a father and son's difficult reunion, and it involves several spectacular firefighter rescues.

    Sándor Félix becomes the guardian angel of those who want to throw their life away. However, not everyone in town is enthusiastic about his selfless work. After the death of his mother, Kristóf became estranged from his father, and he is making videos about people who have lost hope.

    "Beyond the fact that it looks into the depths of the human soul and dissects such a difficult subject as suicide, the film tells a life-affirming story about our times which is intended for a wide audience. From the beginning, I tried to emphasise hope and the power of love through the story of a father and his son," Fésős said in a statement. Fésős wrote the script together with Balázs Maruszki.

    The rescue work of a serious road accident was shot with the involvement of many firemen and fire engines. One of the busiest bridges in Budapest, the Liberty Bridge was partly closed for two days, where Dumitrache (an experienced climber in his civil life) performed a dangerous stunt. Without the help of a stuntman, he climbed onto the pier of the bridge several tens of meters high, securing himself only with a single rope.

    This is Dumitrache’s second Hungarian-speaking film after Spirál, directed by Cecilia Felméri and produced by Inforg-M&M Film in coproduction with Romania’s Hai-Hui Entertainment, where he was dubbed by Ernő Fekete. It is not yet known who will be his Hungarian voice this time.

    Félix, the son, is portrayed by Olivér Börcsök, in a first leading role in a film. He previously appeared in TV series (The Teacher / A Tanár produced by Paprika Studios), as well as in the feature film Seven Small Coincidences / Hét kis véletlen, directed by Péter Gothár and produced by Filmpartners.

    Zoltán Schneider appeared in front of the cameras as fire captain, and the cast includes György Cserhalmi, Tamás Keresztes, Andrea Takáts, Péter Katona, Lajos Kovács, Eszter Bánfalvi, Zorka Horváth and Géza D. Hegedűs.

    Barnabás Hutlassa is producing through Film Force.

    The 30-day shooting, which wrapped at the end of June 2022, took place in several locations in Budapest using the 1.1 m EUR / 450 m HUF production grant given by the National Film Institute - Hungary. DoP Péter Szatmári is responsible for the unique visuals of the film.

    Fórum Hungary will release Rise Up and Walk in Hungary in 2023.

    Production Information:

    Film Force (Hungary)
    Rise Up and Walk director András Fésős, credit: Kristóf Galgóczi NémethBarnabás Hutlassa: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: András Fésős
    DoP: Péter Szatmári
    Scriptwriters: András Fésős, Balázs Maruszki
    Production designer: Balázs Hujber
    Costume designer: Edit Szűcs
    Cast: Bogdan Dumitrache, Olivér Börcsök, Zoltán Schneider, György Cserhalmi, Tamás Keresztes, Andrea Takáts, Péter Katona, Lajos Kovács, Eszter Bánfalvi, Zorka Horváth, Géza D. Hegedűs