FNE Classics: Films from FNE Partner Countries in 4th ACE’s A Season of Classic Films Programme

    After Death by Alfréd Deésy After Death by Alfréd Deésy source: NFI - Hungary

    CANNES: Nine films from FNE partner countries are among the titles selected for the 4th edition of A Season of Classic Films programme organised by ACE (Association of European Film Archives) from June to December 2023 across European cinemas and online. The announcement was made at the Cannes Film Festival on 19 May 2023.

    At the same event, held by the Association of European Film Archives in Cannes, it was also announced that Hungary’s National Film Institute - Film Archive won a joint restoration grant of 40,000 EUR for Alfréd Deésy’s After Death. The 1920 film will be restored together with the Belgian National Film Archive and La Cinémathèque française.

    The jury was made up of filmmakers Radu Jude (Romania) and Saodat Ismailova, ARTE France general director Olivier Père and film curator-educator Cecilia Barrionuevo.

    A Season of Classic Films consists of free screenings aimed at attracting younger audiences to a shared cultural heritage and it is organised with support from the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme.

    More than 20 European film heritage institutions are involved in the programme, including the Yugoslav Cinematheque - Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade, the National Film Institute Hungary – Film Archive in Budapest, the Slovenian Cinematheque in Ljubljana, the Czech Film Archive in Prague, the Cinematheque of the Republic of North Macedonia in Skopje, the Bulgarian National Film Archive in Sofia, the Film Archives of the National Archives of Estonia in Tallinn, and the Croatian State Archive – Croatian Cinematheque in Zagreb.


    After Death / A halál után (Hungary, 1920)
    Directed by Alfréd Deésy

    The Ambush / Zaseda (Yugoslavia, 1969)
    Directed by Živojin Pavlović

    Slave Bird / Rabmadár (Hungary, Germany, 1929)
    Directed by Pál Sugár

    Frame for Few Poses / Ram za nekoliko poza (Yugoslavia, 1976)
    Directed by Karpo Aćimović Godina

    The Lantern / Lucerna (Czechoslovakia, 1925)
    Directed by Karel Lamač

    Memento (Yugoslavia, 1967)
    Directed by Dimitrie Osmanli

    Moreto (Bulgaria, 1967)
    Directed by Peter Donev

    Waves of Passion / Kire lained / Wellen der Leidenschaft (Kurs auf die Ehe) (Estonia, Germany, 1930)
    Directed by Vladimir Gaidarov

    Educational Shorts on Traffic Safety (Yugoslavia, 1963)
    Directed by Nikša Fulgosi

    Click HERE for the full programme of A Season of Classic Films.