Hungary and China Sign Cooperation Agreement

    Hungary and China Sign Cooperation Agreement photo: NFI / Kaiser Akos

    BUDAPEST: Government Commissioner and head of the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI) Csaba Káel, and Mao Yu, head of the China Film Administration, signed an agreement on wide-ranging cooperation with the aim of promoting the cooperation of Hungarian and Chinese professionals and launching joint film projects.

    The agreement also covers cooperation in the field of professional training and mutual promotion of Hungarian and Chinese films.

    "Hungary is currently the number one film production location in continental Europe, and the world's leading film production actors shoot in our country with the assistance of Hungarian professionals. Our film industry generates significant foreign exchange earnings at the level of the national economy, contributing to the country's stability. Due to its geographical and film industry characteristics, Budapest can be an excellent new centre for film relations between East and West. We have many exciting, untold stories in common with the Chinese filmmakers, and the agreement will give new impetus to their joint filming," said Csaba Káel, the government commissioner responsible for the development of the film industry.

    On the occasion of the agreement, the delegation of the China Film Administration paid a professional visit to the Film Archive and Film Laboratory of the National Film Institute - Hungary. The guests also viewed the studio complex in Fót, where four new studios were built, which increased the capacity of the Fót base fivefold.