PRODUCTION: Shooting Begins for Hungarian Musical Film How Could I Live Without You?

    How Could I Live Without You? by Dénes Orosz How Could I Live Without You? by Dénes Orosz credit: The Orbital Strangers Project

    BUDAPEST: The Hungarian director Dénes Orosz is currently in production with his feature film How Could I Live Without You? (working title) / Hogyan tudnék élni nélküled?, a romantic musical based on the evergreen hits by Ferenc Demjén, one of Hungary’s most iconic musical artists, whose concerts still fill up the biggest arenas.

    The overwhelming love story told with lighthearted humour is set in two timelines. In the present, a thirty-something protagonist Lili, stuck in her music career and her personal life, finds a bundle of letters written to her mother, Eszter, by an unknown man. The letters reveal a captivating love story from 1992, when Eszter was on holiday with her friends at the Balaton Lake, planning a life together with the fiancé chosen by her father. The girls meet the members of a rock band, and everything is swept away by love.

    The film stars young talents as Franciska Törőcsik, Márk Ember, Péter Marics, Luca Márkus, Marcell Kirády, Bence Brasch, Balázs Medveczky and Sára Varga-Járó, alongside established actors like Zoltán Seress and Anna Györgyi.

    ”I have always been fascinated by the musical genre. My first film, Poligamy, produced by Skyfilm, has already been turned into a stage musical and now I have the opportunity to direct a film musical. It's with an almost childlike excitement that we start shooting each song. The actors are superb, the choreography is excellent, the crew is very good, in short it is great fun for a director like me”, Dénes Orosz told FNE.

    Attila Kirády is producing through Hungary’s IKO Műsorgyártó Kft with a total budget of 4.9 m EUR. The project is supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI) with 2,515,000 EUR (including development, preproduction grant and production grant), and an approximately 1.4 m EUR cash rebate. The film is co-financed by IKO Műsorgyártó Magyarország Kft. (Hungary) with 150,000 EUR.

    The film’s „present” scenes were already shot in December 2023 – January 2024 in Budapest, and the „past” scenes started shooting on 3 May 2024. They are expected to wrap at the beginning of July 2024 at the main location, the Balaton Lake.

    The large-scale feature with 15 evergreen hits by Ferenc Demjén and choreographed scenes designed by Lajos Péter Túri, is planned to be shot in 46 days. The creators of the film are Attila Kirády (producer), Anett Kormos (scriptwriter) and Krisztina Goda (creative producer and co-writer).

    "My co-creators (Anett Kormos and Krisztina Goda) and I have wanted to make a musical film in the genre of Mamma Mia for years. A fictional, humorous, romantic story based on songs by a well-known Hungarian artist. Our first approach was to look for local artists who are not only emblematic, but whose songs have influenced generations. This led us to Ferenc Demjén. He has created works that have touched many generations since the 1960s. We have worked closely together with János Menyhért (composer of Ferenc Demjén’s most hits) and his team, to find the best talents who could excel in this ambitious project. Demjén’s music team has also supervised and created the remakes of the songs to fit the film”, producer Attila Kirády told FNE.

    InterCom Hungary will release the film in domestic cinemas on 12 December 2024.

    Production Information:

    How Could I Live Without You? by Dénes Orosz, credit: The Orbital Strangers ProjectIKO Műsorgyártó Kft (Hungary)
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    Director: Dénes Orosz
    Scriptwriter: Anett Kormos
    Co-writer: Krisztina Goda
    Based on: Ferenc Demjén’s most popular songs
    DoP: Tamás Babos
    Cast: Franciska Törőcsik, Márk Ember, Péter Marics, Luca Márkus, Marcell Kirády, Bence Brasch, Balázs Medveczky, Sára Varga-Járó, Zoltán Seress, Anna Györgyi