Moveast grand prize goes to Ukraine

By Gyorgy Karpati
    The Ukrainian film At the River (U Reki) won the Golden Benjamin at the 4th Moveast International Film Festival in Pecs.

    The Hungarian Film Festival defines itself as first feature film festival of the Central and East Europe filmmakers. Twelve films were selected for the competition section from 34 first feature film. Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Macedonia and Hungary were represented in the competition.

    The festival reported that all screenings, held at the Apollo Cinema, were sold out.

    Members of the grand jury were Phillip Bergson, film critic; Jasmin Durakovic, director-producer-screenplay writer; Fred Kelemen, cinematographer-director-screenplay writer; Andras Muhi, producer; and Kira Muratova, director- screenplay writer.

    The jury gave the Golden Benjamin prize with 10,000 euros to At the River director Eva Neymann. The movie was also awarded with the FIPRESCI-prize and with the FICC jury's Don Quixote Prize. The grand jury gave also a special mention to Igor Ivanov for Macedonia's Upside Down, while the FICC jury gave a special mention to Hungary's The Investigator directed by Attila Gigor. The festival also hosted a student jury who awarded the Polish film Reserve, directed by Lukasz Palkowski.