New funding decisions at Hungary's MPPFH

By Gyorgy Karpati

    The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu) has announced its latest support for Hungarian film projects and coproductions.

    On the basis of the December 2 decision several coproductions received reimbursable support from the Foundation. Director Ferenc Tolvaly got 7,500 euros (Benarez a kapu), Kriszta Goda (Cameleon) 86,800 euros, Szabolcs Hajdu 75,400 euros, Gabor Csupo (Immigrants) 75,400 euros, and Aron Gauder (Egill) and Walter Carvalho (Budapest) each received 113,000 euros.

    Several productions received non-reimbursable support, including Egill by Aron Gauder (113,000 euros), Budapest by Walter Carvalho (113,000 euros), Vespa by Diana Groo (75,400 euros) and Immigrants by Gabor Csupo (75,400 euros). The debut feature director Barnabas Toth (113,000 euros for The Shark in Me) and the European Academy Award winner Balint Kenyeres (113,000 euros for The History of Aviation) also got support, as did Endre Hules (18,800 euros for The Maiden Danced to Death).

    At a previous board meeting in November, Titanic International Film Presence Festival (www.titanicfilmfest.hu/2008/index_en.php, 56,600 euros), Moveast International Film Festival (www.moveast.hu/en/tartalom-content/news, 34,000 euros), Mediawave Festival (www.mediawave.hu, 71,700 euros), Cinefest Film Festival (www.cinefest.hu/en, 26,400 euros), and Kecskemet Animation Film Festival (www.kaff.hu, 118,800 euros) were also supported.