FNE in Cannes: Show your talent online - Hungarian Start-ups with International Objectives

    Daazo.com and ScriptBase.eu, two fresh online initiatives from Hungary are holding a small presentation during the Cannes International Film Festival to promote the opportunities they provide for young filmmakers from all over the world.
    Daazo.com The European Short Film Centre is a rapidly expanding online network for hosting short films and providing a community platform for filmmaking workshops already boasting with thousands of users. The project is supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union in 2009.

    ScriptBase is a community for screenwriters who can upload their scripts into a database and vote for the best among them. The European Screenwriting Competition will offer ongoing cash prizes for screenplays with the most votes.

    The use of both Daazo and ScriptBase are completely free for the users, presenting a remarkable opportunity for fresh filmmaking talent to make their voices heard.

    The presentation is held on the 19th May 2009 in Cannes at the Hungarian Pavilion (International Village, No. 104.) After the brief introduction by the representatives of Daazo and ScritpBase drinks and snacks will be served.