Production: Doldrums in postproduction

By Gyorgy Karpati

    Director Tamas Sas tells FNE that he has just wrapped a 15 day shoot on his latest film, Doldrums.

    Sas, who made 2008's most popular Hungarian comedy 9½ Dates, now shifts to ultra-low budget (100,000 euros) psycho-drama filmed at Lake Balaton.

    Sas's producer partner Attila Farago produces for the pair's company Greenworks Pecs Film (www.greenworks.hu).

    The story is about two sisters and a girlfriend whose secrets are revealed during a sailing trip. The screenplay was completed three years ago, but shooting was delayed to accomodate the schedules of the three Hungarian stars, Adel Kovats, Anna Palmai and Patricia Kovacs.

    The movie is now in postproduction. The release is planned in 2010, with festival screenings and theatrical release in negotiation.

    Company Information:

    Greenworks Pecs ltd.


    Tel: +36 30 600 7435

    Tamas Sas, producer

    Attila Frago, producer


    Director: Tamas Sas

    Production Company: Greenworks Pecs ltd.

    Producers: Tamas Sas, Attila Farago

    Screenplay: Judit Csikesz

    Cinematography: Tamas Sas


    Adel Kovats

    Anna Palmai

    Patricia Kovacs