New docu-series on Spektrum

By Dávid Dercsényi
    On the Spot, a Hungarian documentary series, is launching on TV channel Spektrum on November 7.

    The series reports on life in the world's danger zones.

    Eszter Cseke and András S.Takács has visited the Gaza Strip, Ethiopia and Afghanistan, filming what isn't shown on the news. The two formed the entire crew, with production aided and simplified by digital technology, which also helped them reach places that larger productions teams couln't go.

    "These places are not so horrible," said Cseke. "In the TV you can see only the horror in one and half minutes, illustrations of war with explosions, injured people, but still you don't see how people live in these places, who suffer of these awful things."

    Takács added, "Of course in fifty minutes you can't present how life goes in these places. But you have more chance to catch something, like the smuggling tunnels in Gaza, the fighters of Al Quassam, the only israeli citizen living in the area, and other things."