FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Deathwaltz (Halálkeringő)

By Dávid Dercsényi

    The Deathwaltz from director Krisztián Károly Köves is billed as the first modern Hungarian thriller.

    Köves graduated from the University of Applied Arts (MOME) http://www.mome.hu/ . His debut feature is a depressing domestic thriller between detective father and the junkee-pregnant daughter.

    The budget of the film is HUF 60 million, with some of the cast and crew being paid from the commercial income of the film -- an unusual arrangement in Hungary. The shooting lasted for 17 days. The two main characters are played by two mainstream actors (András Kern and Kata Dobó) never previously seen in a dark production like this.

    The film received a grant from MMKA. The production company was the Filmpartners (/www.filmpartners.hu), Co-production partners were MTM-SBS Televízó ZRt. TV2 (www.tv2.hu), Sparks Kft., and Sysplex (www.sysplex.hu). The Deathwaltz was already released in cinemas, but the box office results were disappointing.

    {mosimage}Cast: András Kern, Kata Dobó, Tamás Lengyel, Béla Mészáros

    Dénes Újlaki

    Director: Krisztián Károly Köves

    Script: István Szabó (Peet Goodman)

    DOP: Balázs Dobóczi

    Editor: Ádám Fiers

    Co-producer: Judit Romwalter, Péter Deák

    Producer: Gábor Kovács

    Co-production: MTM-SBS Televízó ZRt. (TV2), Sparks Kft., Sysplex

    Production company.: Filmpartners Kft.

    Duration 100 mins




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