FNE at HFW 2010: Bibliotheque Pascal Takes Top Hungarian Prize


    BUDAPEST: Bibliotheque Pascal directed by Szabolcs Hajdu collected the top prize at the 41st Hungarian Film Week (2-8 February) at the annual showcase of new Hungarian production.

    The film proved once again that the young generation of Hungarian directors have continued the Hungarian tradition of a strong sense of visual style while the production seems headed for international success as it picked up the HFW's Gene Moskowitz prize from foreign critics and is already scheduled to screen in the Berlin Forum programme.

    HFW 2010 screened 16 new features in the main competition, 13 of them world premiers and 5 of them debuts. The festival also screened another 95 films in competitions for shorts, documentaries, scientific films and films made for television.

    The festival was presided over by Hungarian Cinematographer Emil Novak under the auspicies of the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation MMKA (www.mmka.hu). HFW 2010 also gave audiences a chance to seen the latest films by Hungarian masters by renowned filmmakers such as Miklós Jancsó, Judit Elek, Marta Mészáros and Károly Makk.

    Miklos Jansco's new film, So Much for Justice!, Hungarian (Mythberg Films) - an Austrian-Polish coproduction looks at 15th century Hungarian history in the unique Jansco style.

    Strong documentaries were also on offer with an examination of the role of the Catholic church under communism, Confessions and Traitors by Katalin Petenyi and Barna Kabay (produced by Media Centrum Kft) examining the role of the Catholic church in Hungary under communism.

    41st Hungarian Film Week Prize Winners

    Main Prize, the Golden Reel: Bibliothèque Pascal, dir. Szabolcs Hajdu

    Produced by: Filmpartners (www.filmpartners.hu) and Katapult Film (www.katapultfilm.hu).

    Co-producers: Sparks Kft., Gilles Mann Filmproduktion Cologne (www.gilles-mann.de), M&M Film (www.mmfilm.hu) TV2 (www.tv2.hu).

    Best Genre Film: Kolorado Kid, dir. Andras Vagvolgyi B

    Produced by: Cameofilm (www.cameofilm.hu)

    Best Director (ex-aequo):

    Zsombor Dyga for Question In Details

    Produced by: Filmteam (www.filmteam.hu).

    Coproducers: Mediawave 2000 Kft., Goldeneye Factory s.r.o (Slovakia)

    Robert Pejo for The Camera Murderer

    Produced by: Mythberg Films (www.mythbergfilms.hu)

    Best Cinematography: Andras Nagy for Bibliothèque Pascal

    Best First Film: Team Building, dir. Reka Almasi

    Produced by: KMH Film (www.kmhfilm.com)

    Coproducers: 27 Films Production (Germany), Superkrush Films (England)

    Best Screenplay: Jozsef Pacskovszky for The Days Of Desire

    Produced by: Film-Art Kft. (www.filmart.hu)

    Coproducers: Filmplus, Forum Films (Paris), Magyar Televízió

    Best Actress: Eva Vica Kerekes for Out/In Tawaret

    Produced by: Új Budapest Stúdió (www.ujbudapestfilmstudio.hu)

    Coproducer: TV MTV (www.mtv.hu)

    Best Actor: Ferenc Elek for Question In Details

    Best Editing: Judit Czako for Question In Details

    Best Sound: Janos Koporosy for The Days Of Desire

    Gene Moskowitz Prize: Bibliothèque Pascal, dir. Szabolcs Hajdu

    People's Choice: Question In Details, dir. Zsombor Dyga

    Best TV Film: Curse, dir. Aron Matyassy

    Produced by: Budapest Film Productions

    Best Documentary (ex-aequo):

    Tincity, dir. Laszlo Csaki

    Produced by: Laokoon Filmgroup

    Puskas Hungary, dir. Tamas Almasi

    Produced by: Filmplus