PRODUCTION: Nagy lands lead in Paw

By Zsolt Gyenge

    Hungarian actor Ervin Nagy (Chameleon) will play the main role in Robert Pejó's new feature, Paw (Mancs). According to producer László Kántor, Nagy was chosen over Jean Reno and Christopher Lambert who were also seen for the role.

    The family film, which tells the story of a famous rescue-dog, is a sort of fairy tale and is intended for an international audience. Paw is in pre-production, with pre-casting and location visits already finished. Producer László Kántor told magyar.film.hu that the co-production structure is not completely set.

    The budget of the film will be around 500 million HUF (1.8 million Euros), including 100 million HUF (358,000 Euros) from the Hungarian Motion Picture Association (MMKA - http://english.mmka.hu/), and 50 million HUF from private television channel TV2. The shooting is planned to start in October, but the producers are still waiting for the decisions from the Romanian and Macedonian film funds.


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