Hungarian film support system confirmed by EU

By Gyorgy Karpati

    On Wednesday, July 16, the European Committee accepted the Hungarian film law and film support modification without discussion, Culture and Education minister Istvan Hiller minister announced on Thursday morning at a press conference.

    The Committee allows a state film support program with a total budget of €231 million expiring December 31, 2013. The program goal is to support growth of the film culture in Hungary, with a budget adjustable to inflation. Hiller pointed out that Hungary is the only country in Central Europe Hungary which has a film law.

    Work on the law lasted a year, and the modification was accepted by the Hungarian Parliament in June.

    In 2008 the budget will be divided to as follows: €13 million for tax discounts, €1 million for direct support of preproduction, €13million for film production, €1 million for the operation of "art" theatres, and €860.000 for film festivals and other expenses, for a total of almost €30 million (HUF6,914,000.000). Representatives said they hoped the modification would bring a return of film services which fell during the first half of the year.