Four Latvian films win co-financing


    Four foreign films in development have won some 400,000 EUR through the co-financing program of the National Film Centre of Latvia, according to the organization. The winning projects scored the backing via a tender process in which non-Latvian productions can be eligible for a cash rebate of up to 25% of film related expenses when shooting is completed.

    Of eight projects submitted, four won backing: Son, produced by Boheme International in cooperation with Russia's Ivan, won 86,383 EUR, with the help of a Riga Film Fund grant. Best Men by the same producer in cooperation with Russian production studio Amalgama Studio won 168,409 EUR.

    DED_05, produced by Ego Media in cooperation with Russian production studio Sine Pro, won 94,977 EUR in co-financing. And Devil’s Outlaw by Picturehouse in cooperation with the UK's Devils Outlaw Limited/Cinatura, won 77,102 EUR.

    A 25% rebate is available to films whose story takes place in Latvia while 20% is applied if the film is shot in Latvia without identifying references but with local film services used. A gradual increase in the financial support plan, approved by the European Commission, is planned in coming years.