Baltic Sea Docs 2020 Announces Selected Projects

Baltic Sea Docs 2019 Baltic Sea Docs 2019 photo: A. Zeltina

RIGA: The Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries (Baltic Sea Docs), the Baltic documentary training and pitching event, has announced the 24 projects selected for its 24th edition, which will take place mostly online, 29 August – 6 September 2020. The projects come from 16 countries including Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Georgia.

The selected projects will work on their presentations with the team of international tutors, including Tue Steen Müller, Mikael Opstrup (Denmark), Audrius Stonys (Lithuania), Peter Kerekes (Slovakia), and Nino Orjonikidze (Georgia).

Apart from industry activities, Baltic Sea Docs will include a programme of recent international documentaries.

Baltic Sea Docs is organised by the National Film Centre of Latvia, with financial support from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme, and the Riga Municipality. For the first time Baltic Sea Docs is partnering with the online platform Pitch the Doc.

The selected projects are:

baltic sea docs logoAge (Sweden)
Directed by Gustav Ågerstrand

Artem and Eva (Russia, France, Estonia)
Director: Evgeny Milykh
Produced by TVINDIE
Coproduced by Petit a Petit Production, Marx Film

Atonal Glow (Georgia)
Directed by Alexander Koridze
Produced by Spark

Blind Pit (Italy, Latvia)
Directed by Federico Schiavi
Produced by Nacne sas
Coproduced by Baltic Balkan Productions

Courage (Belarus, Germany)
Directed by Aliaksei Paluyan

Diary of a Bride of Christ (Ukraine)
Directed by Marta Smerechynska

Experts of Love (Estonia)
Directed by Eva Kübarr
Poduced by Kuukulgur Film OÜ/ Moonwalker Film

Fight (Armenia)
Directed by Lilit Movsisyan

The Girls of 1960 (Latvia)
Directed by Una Celma
Produced by Fenixfilm

Home Is Where the Films Are (Kosovo)
Directed by More Raça

The Land (Latvia)
Directed by Ivars Seleckis
Produced by Mistrus Media

Life After Death (Lithuania)
Director: Nerijus Milerius
Produced by Film Jam

Life of Ivana (Russia, Norway, Finland)
Directed by Renato Borrayo Serrano

Love in the Time of Corona (Lithaunia, Italy)
Directed by Virginija Vareikyte, Maximilien Dejoie
Produced by Just a moment

Nina Gets Married (Poland)
Directed by Andrzej Szypulski
Nord Express by Kārlis LesiņšProduced by Pinot Films

Nord Express (Latvia, Estonia)
Directed by Kārlis Lesiņš
Produced by Mistrus Media (Latvia)
Coproduced by Allfilm (Estonia)

Podnieks On Podnieks (Latvia)
Directed by Anna Viduleja
Produced by Juris Podnieks Studio

Shut the Fuck Up! (Ukraine, France)
Directed by Taisiia Kutuzova

Sunny (Georgia)
Directed by Keti Machavariani
Produced by Terra Incognita Films
Coproduced by Sunny Films

The Trans Syrian Express (Finland, Russia)
Directed by Alina Rudnitskaya

Underling In Bird Kingdom (Estonia)
Directed by Marko Raat
Produced by Allfilm

Waitersgate (Poland)
Directed by Konrad Szolajski
Produced by ZK Studio

We Are Animals (Finland)
Directed by Saila Kivelä, Vesa Kuosmanen

When the Harmattan Blows (Poland)
Directed by Edyta Wroblewska
Produced by Pinot Films