PRODUCTION: Ukrainian/Latvian/German/Qatari Coproduction This Rain Will Never Stop Wraps Postproduction

    The Rain Will Never Stop by Alina Gorlova The Rain Will Never Stop by Alina Gorlova

    RIGA: The award-winning Ukrainian director Alina Gorlova’s third feature documentary This Rain Will Never Stop completed postproduction ahead of its world premiere in the IDFA First Appearance Competition. The film is produced by Maksym Nakonechnyi at Tabor (Ukraine) and coproduced by Ilona Bičevska at Avantis Promo (Latvia) and Patrick Hamm at Bulldog Agenda (Germany).

    This Rain Will Never Stop follows 20 year-old Andriy Suleyman as he tries to secure a sustainable future, while navigating the human toll of armed conflict. When Andriy was a teenager, his family fled from Syrian civil war to the Ukraine. Soon an armed conflict broke out in the country. His family decided to stay, and Andriy joined the Red Cross to help the people in need. Torn between his past, family ties, and responsibilities, he is trying to find the path for his future.  

    The film is coproduced by Ilona Bičevska at Avantis Promo, a producer and documentary filmmaker. She has coproduced the omnibus film 15 Young by Young / 15 stāsti par jauno (2012), an international project consisting of 15 short documentaries. She is also an international producer of the Latvian historical drama Blizzard of Souls / Dvēseļu putenis (2019, Kultfilma). Bičevska picked the film This Rain Will Never Stop for coproduction in 2017 at B2B doc pitching in Kiev during the Docudays festival.

    The original music for the film was written by Latvian composer Goran Gora.

    This Rain Will Never Stop (with a working title Between Two Wars) was presented as a project at Latvia’s Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries in 2018.

    The film was supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency (72,000 EUR), the National Film Centre of Latvia with 13,000 EUR, IDFA Bertha Fund Europe with 40,000 EUR and Classic with 17,500 EUR, as well as the Doha Film Institute with 20,000 USD. The total budget is 195,370 EUR.

    The film will be released in November 2020.

    Production information:

    Tabor (Ukraine)
    The Rain Will Never Stop by Alina GorlovaAvantis Promo (Latvia)
    Bulldog Agenda (Germany)

    Director: Alina Gorlova
    Screenwriter: Alina Gorlova, Maksym Nakonechnyi
    DoP: Vyacheslav Tsvetkov
    Editor: Olha Zhurba, Simon Mozgovyi, Alina Gorlova
    Music: Goran Gora
    Producer: Maksym Nakonechnyi
    Coproducer:  Ilona Bičevska, Patrick Hamm