Latvian Drama The Pit Sold to German Speaking Territories

    The Pit by Dace Pūce The Pit by Dace Pūce

    RIGA: Latvian director Dace Pūce’s debut feature film The Pit / Bedre (2020), whose sales are handled by TVCO (Italy), has been sold to the German distributor Arsenal Filmverleih. The film will be distributed in Germany in 30-35 cinemas, as well as in Austria and the German speaking region of Switzerland, in the autumn of 2021.

    The film was produced by Marana Productions (Latvia) in cooperation with Inland Film Company (Finland). It premiered at Nordic Film Days in Lübeck, where it won the Grand Prix.

    The Pit is based on short stories by the Latvian writer Jana Egle. Telling the story of a 10 year old boy, the film touches upon issues of children growing up without parents, emotional violence, and struggles of childhood in a remote countryside.

    “This is a family film and we hope that it will entertain and also create discussions among viewers from different generations, encouraging us not to be afraid to love, dream and believe that we can always improve our lives. Talk to kids as equals and you will be surprised how they will respond. The film is still circulating to festivals and we plan to have a national premiere in Latvia in the autumn, hopefully with open cinemas and the ability to gather together to enjoy the company of friends, colleagues and a lot of good films” the film’s producer Kristele Pudāne told FNE.

    Simonetta Polese from TVCO commented: “After winning the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck it was only natural that this remarkable thriller could find its home with Arsenal Filmverleih, one of the leading historical independent distributors in Germany. I am sure they will accompany this remarkable young age thriller to ensure it can be enjoyed by as many viewers as possible, as it deserves."

    The Pit is also nominated for the first Colorist awards.

    The film was supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia.