PRODUCTION: Latvian Director Signe Birkova Concludes Postproduction on Documentary Ring of Fire

    Ring of Fire by Signe Birkova Ring of Fire by Signe Birkova photo: Agnese Zeltina

    RIGA: The Latvian director Signe Birkova is concluding postproduction on her documentary Ring of Fire / Ugunsaplis, which focuses on a group of four actors who have formed their own theatre company Kvadrifons and started to stage plays in the 130 year-old building of the Riga Circus. The film is produced by Uldis Cekulis for VFS Films.

    Combining 16 mm film and analogue Betacam formats, the film documents the creativity exuding from the four actors as they put together performances and compose songs. The director has followed the actors for a few years capturing the essence of their performances and the contemporary legacy of circus tradition. Along with the four actors, the film also includes Slava Polunin, a world-famous Russian performance artist and clown, who has been an influential figure in the field of pantomime and performance arts since the late 1960s.

    “This isn’t a film about how to endure life, but a film about life that is broad, mysterious and exhilarating. It’s a film about people who let in and give themselves to the Creative Spirit. This film will be a visually saturated, hypnotic journey in the world of theatre and youth, of what is common to an actor and shamans, what is a mission of an actor and a clown, and how to live an authentic artist’s life in these interesting times”, Birkova comments on the film’s idea.

    Signe Birkova has directed short fiction, experimental and documentary films and TV programmes, and she also created analogue film performances. Birkova uses 16mm and Super 8 film for her experimental films, as well as different animation techniques. In 2021 she was granted financing from the National Film Centre of Latvia for her debut feature Lotus (Studio Lokomotīve).

    The film’s total budget is 128,000 EUR, including 63,000 EUR from the National Film Centre of Latvia.

    Ring of Fire will premiere at the Riga International Film Festival (14 - 24 October 2021).

    Production Information:

    Ring of Fire by Signe Birkova, photo: Agnese ZeltinaProducer:
    VFS Films (Latvia)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Signe Birkova
    Scriptwriter: Signe Birkova
    DoP: DāvidsSmiltiņš
    Editor: Andris Grants
    Music: Kvadrifons & Friends
    Cast: Ance Strazda, Reinis Boters, Klāvs Mellis, Āris Matesovičs, Slava Polunin