PRODUCTION: Latvian Director Alise Zariņa Shoots Feel-good Feature about Death and Abandonment

    Impressions by Alise Zariņa Impressions by Alise Zariņa credit: Mima Films

    RIGA: Latvian production company Mima Films is currently in mid-production with Alise Zariņa’s sophomore feature Impressions / Nospiedumi, in which the seemingly dark topics of slow death, fear of abandonment, emotional estrangement and the contempt some feel for their parents are dealt with through the prism of humour and humanity.

    “I wrote the script myself, and I took my inspiration from several things. One: before my granddad died, he was in a hospital, in ICU for some time, and sad as I was, I couldn't help but notice the somewhat tragicomical atmosphere of Latvia's post-Soviet hospitals. My second inspiration: my father is well and alive, but I've seen too many women of my generation lose their fathers who, due to their drinking problem, hadn't been present in their lives already for some time. And losing a father you kinda never had, it's a very complicated loss.

    My third inspiration (or maybe aspiration) is my wish to speak about modern relationships honestly and to explore the impact of our childhood and upbringing. The result is this film that shows what happens when Liv's father is unconscious in a hospital and she, despite everything she believes, starts becoming attached to him again. I want to examine these harsh realities with lightness, humour and a dose of absurdity. Yet the film asks an uncomfortable question: can one ever find fatherly love and acceptance within oneself instead of looking for it in other people?,” writer/director Alise Zariņa told FNE.

    Alise Rogule is producing through Mima Films. The project was supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia in 2022 with 200,000 EUR. The total budget is 500,000 EUR.

    The principal photography took place in August 2023 in 22 locations around Latvia (including hospitals, a cemetery, a funeral home, a chapel, an amusement park and an animal shelter). Additional shooting days are scheduled for January 2024 and the completion of the film is planned for the summer of 2024. The date of the theatrical release has not been set yet.

    The producers are currently looking for international partners, especially for a refreshing and complimentary cooperation with an editor, a composer and a sound designer. They are also hoping for the attention of festivals and distributors.

    Production Information:

    Impressions by Alise Zariņa, credit: Mima FilmsProducer:
    Mima Films (Latvia)
    Alise Rogule: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Alise Zariņa
    Screenwriter: Alise Zariņa
    DoP: Mārtiņš Jurevics
    Production designer: Juris Žukovskis
    Costume designer: Ance Beinaroviča
    Make-up designer: Emīlija Eglīte
    Cast: Ieva Segliņa, Gatis Maliks, Eduards Johansons, Januss Johansons, Leonarda Ķestere, Anta Aizupe, Juta Vanaga, Inese Ramute