PRODUCTION: Juris Poškus Shoots Latvian/Lithuanian Feature Call Me Calendar

    Call Me Calendar by Juris Poškus Call Me Calendar by Juris Poškus credit: Aigars Sermukss

    RIGA: Latvian director, writer and producer Juris Poškus is currently in production with his feature film Call Me Calendar / Kalendārs mani sauc. The project has already received support from the National Film Centre of Latvia and the Lithuanian Film Centre.

    The script is based on a Latvian debut novel under the same title by Andris Kalnozols. The book was published in December 2020 and became a bestseller in Latvia, being later translated and published in Armenian, Estonian, Lithuanian, German in Austria, and Arabic in Lebanon.

    Oskar, a 30-year-old, falls hopelessly in love with the girl of his dreams and takes first steps towards independence from his old mother. To prove his worth, Oskar recruits a motley crew of companions who, despite their age, have never lost their sense of childhood. Together, they create a heartbreaking, tragicomic chain of events to prove that escape from loneliness is possible if you act from the heart.

    “The film is about platonic love that does miracles for Oskar, who decides to keep love in its ideal form: in his mind. Love enables the autistic 30-year old to break out from his mother’s nest, ignite and make friends with local elders, and organise social events in a God-forgotten conservative town. Oskar’s key to success is his ability to suspend disbelief in himself”, Juris Poškus told FNE.

    The main cast consists of Ivars Krasts, Sabīne Tīkmane, Andis Strods, Māra Ķimele and Gints Širmelis-Širmanis.

    The film is produced by Madara Melberga through FA Filma (Latvia) in coproduction with Ieva Norviliene through the Lithuanian production company Tremora.

    The total budget is scheduled at approximately 800,000 EUR and is partly financed by the National Film Centre of Latvia and the Lithuanian Film Centre. Additional financing is committed from the Latvian streaming platform TET and the Latvian National Television.

    “Streaming platforms have lately been co-financing projects for which they see potential audience interest but not only so-called commercial film projects. It seems that the audience is growing and there is a place for more films, based on a particular director’s vision and production value”, Madara Melberga told FNE.

    The film’s main location is Talsi, an immaculate small town that tells a cinematic story by itself. As the story takes place in all seasons, the shooting started on 16 October 2023, continued during the winter, but its major part is due for the summer of 2024.

    Production Information:

    FA Filma (Latvia)
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    Tremora (Lithuania)

    Director: Juris Poškus
    Scriptwriter: Juris Poškus
    DoP: Aigars Sērmukšs
    Cast: Ivars Krasts, Sabīne Tīkmane, Andis Strods, Māra Ķimele, Gints Širmelis-Širmanis