Top spot for Little Robbers

By Ieva Pitruka
    The €1.1 million Latvian-Austrian co-production Little Robbers took first place at the box office in its opening week, but results reflected the economic turmoil confronting Latvians.

    A co-production from Latvia's Studio F.O.R.M.A. (www.studioforma.lv) and Austria's MINI FILM (www.minifilm.at), the well-crafted family adventure and debut film from director Armands Zvirbulis took in just €32,460 in its first ten days.

    As the first large scale Latvian language family film in five years, Little Robbers shot to the top on its opening week-end. But despite the additional lure of two new Cinamon multiplexes which opened within the past half year, results indicate that consumer spending in Latvia is on the decline.

    Along with a high-profile local cast, Little Robbers features Austrian actor Karl Markovics from Foreign language Academy Award 2008 winner The Counterfeiter. Dubbed in German, the film is set for release in Austria in autumn 2009.