EFP Producer on the Move: Linda Krukle

Latvian 34-year old Linda Krukle, European Film Promotion Producer on the Move, produced the first Latvian-Hong Kong coproduction Amaya aka Hong Kong Confidential with a cast of famous actors from…

Latvia’s Ticket Prices Drop as Local Films Attract Viewers

RIGA: Newly released date from the Latvian National Film Center (www.nfc.lv) show the effect that Latvia's economic problems of the past two years have had on cinema. Most alarmingly, ticket…

FNE - IDF DocBlock: The Blueberry Spirits

Blueberry spirits tells the ghost stories of the small Gypsy family who spend their summers living in forest. Every member of the small community has experienced several scary encounters with…

FESTIVALS: Georgia, Latvia in the Spotlight at Riga Children's Film Festival

RIGA: The IX Riga International Children's Film Festival "Berimors" (8-14 April 2011, http://festivali.arsenals.lv/berimors/lv/) will feature a special selection of animated films from Georgia and Latvia.

FNE at Berlinale 2011: New Loznitza film In the Fog to shoot in Latvia

BERLIN: German Ukrainina director Sergei Lotznitza has inked a deal with Lativan Rijafilms (www.rijafilms.lv) to shoot his new production In the Fog in Latvia in September.
13-02-2011 m

Latvian TV Advertising Increases

Latvia had a 33% increase in TV advertisements in December 2010, compared with December 2009.

FNE 2010 Year in Review: Latvia Sets the Stage

2010 will go down as a seminal year for Latvia, with the passage of a new film law and the establishment of a regional film fund that bring it up…

Latvia Awaits 2011 Film Budget

The Latvian state budget for culture and the film industry will be approved at the beginning of 2011. The good news is that after the dramatic decrease in funding in…

PRODUCTION: Escaping Riga in Development

Director Davis Simanis and producer Liga Gaisa are in development with a Latvian full-length documentary, Escaping Riga, a "docu-fiction" about Riga-born film director Sergei Eisenstein who emigrated to Russia and…

Latvia submits Amaya for Oscar bid

Latvia has chosen director Maris Martinsons' romantic drama Amaya (Hong Kong Confidential) as the country's entry for the Oscar's Best Foreign Language Film category.

South Korean film shoots in Latvia

RIGA: South Korean film My Way is set to shoot in Latvia. The 22 million euro drama is directed by blockbuster South Korean helmer Kang Je-Gyu. The 24-day shoot will…

Arsenals trains new film professionals

RIGA: Promising film talents from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia and Georgia will take part in a newly launched training program offered by the Riga film forum Arsenals (www.arsenals.lv). Dubbed the…

Asian WWII drama to shoot in Latvia

The biggest war drama of its kind ever to be shot in Latvia is slated to begin shooting early next year. My Way, a Korean-Latvian co-production, will film partly in…

Riga launches film training programme

"Riga Virus: Training for Emerging Cinema Professionals" will be launched in September 2010, gathering 20 participants (10 film projects) from the Baltic States, Armenia and Georgia. The participants of the…

Bollywood film shoots in Latvia

Agent Vinod, Latvia and India's first-ever joint-venture film, will begin shooting on August 26 on locations in Riga, including the city centre, the Old Town, and the city's outskirts. Bollywood…

Latvia passes film law

Latvia has ratified a film law giving the film industry its own legal framework, after a 15 year long drafting process. The law was passed by the Latvian parliament on…

Latvian animation studio closes

The Latvian animated film studio Dauka (www.latfilma.lv/dauka) has announced that it will temporarily close due to lack of funds.

Latvia lures Bollywood

The Latvian government is pursuing Bollywood as part of its economic strategy set forth in a recent meeting by the Latvian economic minister in India.

Latvia Announces 2010 Production Grants

RIGA: The National Film Centre(NFC)(www.nfc.lv) of Latvia has announced state funding for a total of 3 feature films, 13 documentaries and 7 animation films in 2010. Funding has been cut…

Latvian firm builds Bulgarian digital network

Latvia's Hannu Pro (www.hannupro.com), a TV company specializing in production and systems networks, is constructing Bulgaria's digital TV network. The Latvian company won the five year project in a bid…