Eurochannel Launches Lithuanian Month


    VILNIUS: Eurochannel and the Lithuanian Film Centre have teamed up to present “Lithuanian Month” in November.

    Eurochannel is a world television channel dedicated to promote the European culture and lifestyle throughout movies and series, programs dedicated to fashion events, arts or mythical destinations.The channel which aims to show the diversity of the European culture outside the European territory, will present its first Lithuanian Month supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre.

    During the entire month of November, Eurochannel viewers (which number 5 million) will see a curated selection of Lithuanian feature films, documentaries, shorts, and musical artists to showcase Lithuania’s dynamic cinematic culture. Eurochannel will broadcast five feature films, three documentaries, and six short films as it presents Lithuania to over 85 territories worldwide. All productions will appear in localized subtitled versions, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Polish, Albanian, Estonian and Korean.

    According to Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson, head of the Department for Film Promotion, Information and Heritage at the Lithuanian Film Centre, “It is a very important step towards the promotion of Lithuanian films across the world. The negotiations with the CEO of Eurochannel, Gustavo Vainstein, began a year ago. Later Lithuanian producers were invited to apply for participation in this project. Eurochannel selected Lithuanian films, made since 2009. So, we will be first from the Baltic countries who will present national films in this TV channel. It is the most efficient way to expand the audience. Additional screenings of Lithuanian film programmes will be organised as well, in collaboration with Lithuanian embassies in different regions.”

    The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will present this programme as well. LFC seeks to encourage and intensify the coproduction between the Balti countries. Another initiative of Lithuanian Film Centre, FilmBox LT, the short film cinema at the airport, will broadcast a short film programme selected by Eurochannel.

    “We could speak about the feedback after the new year, but we hope that this collaboration will help the films that have visited a number of festivals during the past few years to continue their journey and reach the audience in 85 countries, including a variety of countries in Latin America, Europe, North America, Africa and Asia,“ Ruokytė-Jonsson said.