GRANTS: Lithuanian Film Centre Announces First Production Grants for 2020


    VILNIUS: The Lithuanian Film Centre distributed 2,681,096 EUR among 48 film projects in the first session of production and development grants contest for 2020.

    A total of 2,397,162 EUR went to the production of 14 long films, nine short films and five minority coproductions.

    The 14 long films benefiting from 1.76 m EUR for production include four feature films, two documentaries, four TV documentaries, one debut feature and two debut documentaries, while the nine short films receiving production support include two fiction films, three documentaries and four animated films.

    Five minority coproductions (two feature films, two documentaries and one animated film) received 223,000 EUR. The feature film minority coproductions receiving production support are directed by Dubravka Turic and the late Georgian director Zaza Khalvashi.

    Additionally 20 projects received 283,934 EUR as project development grants, while 19,500 EUR was distributed among six projects as script development grants.

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