PRODUCTION: Netflix Paradise Filming in Lithuania


    VILNIUS: The biggest project in Lithuania so far this year, the Netflix feature film Paradise, is currently being filmed in the Lithuanian capital city Vilnius.

    Vilnius as well as other Lithuanian locations are the setting for the futuristic love story Paradise directed by Boris Kunz and produced for Netflix by German Neuesuper. The film tells a story of never ageing love that spans generations. German line producer Stephan Barth, who is already familiar with shooting in Lithuania, said: “It’s good to be back working in Vilnius. It’s always been a production friendly city and you can always trust that the process will run smoothly here.”

    Local production company Ahil Films is providing location services. The international team consists of about 200 people with most of the crew being locals. Meanwhile, a few hundred people will also join the process as extras and background actors. The film benefits from Lithuania’s 30% tax incentive.

    According to Jūratė Pazikaitė, Head of the Vilnius Film Office, the number of foreign productions continues to grow each year and production teams come from Scandinavia, Germany, the UK, as well as the USA. “Vilnius is ready to accommodate the needs of foreign film crews. Smooth permits process, professional and dedicated crew members, as well as easy logistics ensure that everything goes according to plan,” commented Pazikaitė.

    Production information:

    Location production Services
    Ahil Films
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    Producer: Neuesuper (Germany)

    Director: Boris Kunz
    Script: Peter Kocyla, Simon Amberger and Boris Kunz