PRODUCTION: Lithuanian Director Eglė Vertelytė Shoots Sophomore Feature Tasty

    Tasty by Eglė Vertelytė Tasty by Eglė Vertelytė copyright: IN SCRIPT

    VILNIUS: Lithuanian writer/director Eglė Vertelytė started shooting her sophomore feature after her successful debut with Miracle / Stebuklas (2018). The comedy drama Tasty / Gardutė has already been acquired by the London-based sales agent Film Republic.

    The script penned by Eglė Vertelytė together with Irena Kunevičiūtė tells a story about two young girls who are best friends and join a cooking contest, when a new love interest threatens to pull them apart.

    The cast is led by Agnieszka Ravdo, Elena Ozarinskaitė, Lina Rastokaitė and Leonardas Pobedonoscevas, while supporting cast includes Vytautas Rumšas, Natalija Janičkina, Liubomiras Laucevičius, Renata Kutinaitė, Darius Gumauskas and Aistė Gramantaitė. 

    The shooting started on 17 October 2022 and will wrap on 21 November 2022. The main film locations are in Vilnius, but shooting is taking place in Kaunas as well.

    The film is produced by Lukas Trimonis and Ieva Biliūnaitė through IN SCRIPT with support from the Lithuanian Film Centre, the national broadcaster LRT and Lithuania’s ACME Film. The budget is approximately 720,000 EUR.

    The film is planned to be completed in December 2023. ACME Film is the local distributor.

    Miracle was produced by Lithuania’s InScript and coproduced by Bulgaria’s Geopoly and Poland’s Orka.

    Production Information:

    Tasty by Eglė Vertelytė, copyright: IN SCRIPTProducer:
    IN SCRIPT (Lithuania)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Eglė Vertelytė
    Screenwriters: Eglė Vertelytė, Irena Kunevičiūtė
    DoP: Vytautas Plukas
    Production designer: Grigorijus Zundeliovičius
    Costume designer: Fausta Naujalė
    Composer: Titas Petrikis
    Editor: Silvija Vilkaitė
    Sound director: Julius Grigelionis
    Cast: Agnieszka Ravdo, Elena Ozarinskaitė, Lina Rastokaitė, Leonardas Pobedonoscevas, Vytautas Rumšas, Natalija Janičkina, Liubomiras Laucevičius, Renata Kutinaitė, Darius Gumauskas, Aistė Gramantaitė