FESTIVALS: Meeting Point - Vilnius 2023 Announces Projects Selected for Coming Soon Pitching Session

    Meeting Point Vilnius Meeting Point Vilnius credit: Kino Pavasaris

    VILNIUS: Twenty projects (including a guest project) have been selected for the Coming Soon pitching session at Meeting Point – Vilnius, which will be held 20 – 22 March 2023 within the 28th Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris (16 – 26 March 2023).

    The selection includes seven documentaries, 12 fiction films and one hybrid project.

    The other main events at Meeting Point – Vilnius 2023 are the Industry Screening Platform, the panels ToT - TALKS ON TOMORROW and Talents Nest (a talent development initiative for emerging professionals from the Baltic countries, ex-Soviet and Caucasian countries).

    MPV 2023 Official Selection for Coming Soon Section:

    David’s Garden (Armenia), documentary
    Directed by Garush Ghazaryan

    Heart, Don’t Be Afraid (Georgia), documentary
    Directed by Ana Kvichidze

    Isthmus (Greece), documentary
    Directed by Yiannis Marinopoulos

    Life and Death of a Christmas Tree (Lithuania), documentary
    Directed by Artūras Jevdokimas, Bernardas Andriušis
    Produced by Ringailė Leščinskienė

    Patarinos (Spain), documentary
    Directed by Zeltia Outeiriño Gonzalez

    Požerskis: In Focus (Lithuania), documentary
    Directed by Joris Skudra
    Produced by Joris Skudra

    Trust Me (Poland, Germany), documentary
    Directed by Joanna Ratajczak
    Produced by Stanislaw Zaborowski

    Athlete (Germany, Turkey), fiction
    Directed by Semih Gülen, Mustafa Emin Büyükcoskun

    Forever Hold Your Peace (Montenegro, Serbia, Czech Republic, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia), fiction
    Directed by Ivan Marinović
    Produced by Marija Stojanović

    Her Body (Czech Republic, Slovakia), fiction
    Directed by Natálie Císařovská
    Produced by Viktor Schwarcz, Katarína Krnáčová

    I Am Not Like That (Croatia), fiction
    Directed by Zvonimir Munivrana
    Produced by Zvonimir Munivrana

    Johatsu (Lithuania), fiction
    Directed by Lina Lužytė, Nerijus Milerius
    Produced by Uljana Kim

    Look at Me (Georgia), fiction
    Directed by George Sikharulidze

    LOTUS (Latvia), fiction
    Directed by Signe Birkova
    Produced by Dominiks Jarmakovičs

    Nobody Likes Me (Czech Republic), fiction
    Directed by Tomas Weinreb, Petr Kazda
    Produced by Guillaume de Seille

    Scirocco (Hungary, Morocco), fiction
    Directed by Yassine Marco Marroccu
    Produced by Andrea Aicha Taschier

    Sensitive Person (Czech Republic), fiction
    Directed by Tomáš Klein
    Produced by Martina Netíková

    Wiesenwood (Germany), fiction
    Directed by Jannis Alexander Kiefer

    Say “Ukraine” (Ukraine), hybrid
    Directed by Serhiy Lysenko

    Guest Project:

    Good Guys Goes to Heaven (Romania), fiction
    Directed by Radu Potcoavă
    Produced by Radu Potcoavă