Baltic media company increase local investment

By Aukse Kancereviciute
    Baltic Media Alliance has invested over €3 million into development in the Baltic States.

    The media services company will start providing integrated advertising services in Lithuania. The company belongs to the media holding company Baltic Media Alliance of Latvia Capital, which operates in the three Baltic States. It broadcasts nine TV channels, administers internet, print- media, advertising, film lease and concert organization companies.

    Baltic Media Alliance Lithuania has the largest choice of Russian speaking TV channels: PBK (Baltic Channel One) www.1tv.lv , REN TV Baltic www.ren-tv.com and Music Baltic Channel One.

    PBK is a cable television broadcaster owned by Russian's State Channel One, which targets the Russian population in the Baltic States. PBK rebroadcasts programmes of Russian's State Channel One, but it also includes locally produced news in Russian and foreign-produced drama and soaps. The channel attracts about 300,000 foreign viewers and over one million Lithuanians every month. In 2004 the channel was fined €2.800 for broadcasting a documentary denying the Soviet occupation of the Baltic countries in 1940.

    REN TV, one of the largest private federal channels in Russia, targets audience is a young to middle-age city worker. REN TV has won 13 TEFIs - awards presented by the Academy of Russian Television.

    Music Baltic Channel One transmits mainly music video clips.