Box Office National Hit: Lithuanias' Loss

By Aukse Kancereviciute
    Maris Martinsons' Loss (www.lossmovie.com), a drama dealing with the problems of emigration, adoption and guardianship, scored the top spot at the Lithuanian box office for 2008.

    Distributed by Forum Cinemas (www.forumcinemas.lt) the film Loss has gone on to earn 172,255 euros since its national premiere on January 11. The drama achieved record box office status on its opening weekend, raking in 55,500 euros in its first three days of release. In comparison, similar films such as Crash and Babel amassed, respectively, 5,696 and 14,516 admissions. The screenings of Loss in Lithuanian cinemas drew 50,071 viewers.

    Shot in both Lithuania and Ireland, Loss follows the lives of six people who are brought together after a tragic accident that occurred 25 years ago. The movie features Lithuanian rock star Andrius Mamontovas, who also composed music for the film. The main roles were cast with theatre and TV stars: Valda Bickute, Kostas Smoriginas, Dalia Micheleviciute, Daiva Tamosiunaite, Vytautas Rumsas. Director of photography is Gints Berzins.

    Loss is the second film for Latvian-born TV and film director Maris Martinsons, who founded studio ARTeta ( www.arteta.lt) in 1994. The film was produced by ART&A Film Production, established in Vilnius in 2006 (www.art-a.lt), with co-producers ARTeta and the Lithuanian Film Studios. The production team includes Irish producers Peter J McCarthy and Paul McCarthy from Good Dog Films Ltd and Seán Nolan from SLN Ltd with Producers Linda Krukle, Maris Martinsons, Zivile Gallego. Loss was funded by private financing and budgeted at 600,000 euros.

    Loss received Best Director and Best Music awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival and has been selected to represent Lithuania for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film consideration. The film was also submitted for Golden Globe consideration..