PRODUCTION: Marija Dzidzeva`s debut feature Sacrifice in Postproduction

    Sacrifice by Marija Dzidzeva Sacrifice by Marija Dzidzeva

    SKOPJE: Macedonian documentary film director Marija Dzidzeva is in postproduction with her Macedonian/Serbian debut feature Sacrifice, produced with support from the Macedonian Film Agency and Film Center Serbia.

    Sacrifice is a drama set on the edge of the Macedonian civil war in 2001. The destinies of three characters intersect, with each character, due to a series of related events, indirectly forced to sacrifice himself or someone else. Although seemingly politically engaged and gloomy, Sacrifice focuses on interpersonal relationships in extremely inhumane conditions in order to find the potency and the most sacred in one’s self: love and hope.

    “At the moment the film is in postproduction and we are editing the picture and the sound. We hope that the premiere will be in September,” executive producer Kornelija Markovska-Ristovska from Small Moves Films told FNE.

    Sacrifice is a coproduction between Macedonia’s Small Moves Films and Serbia’s Biberche Productions. It was supported by the Macedonian Film Agency with 18 m Macedonian denars / 300,000 EUR and by Film Center Serbia with 5,166.000 RSD / 41,700 EUR.

    The film was written by Ognen Georgievski and features veteran actors Mirjana Karanovic and Danco Cevreski.

    Production Information:

    Small Moves Films

    Sacrifice by Marija DzidzevaCredits:

    Director: Marija Dzidzeva
    Script: Ognen Georgievski
    DOP: Dejan Dimeski
    Production Designer: Natasha Dimitrievska
    Editor: Bazhe Dulev
    Cast: Mirjana Karanovic, DancoCevreski, Natalija Teodosievska, Deniz Abdula, Dimitar Georgievski, Daniela Ivanovska, Petar Gjorgjievski, Dimitar Ilievski