Macedonian Film Agency Preps Strategy to Stimulate Gender Equality

     Actress Labina Mitevska and director Teona Mitevska Actress Labina Mitevska and director Teona Mitevska

    SKOPJE: The Macedonian Film Agency announced the Women in the Film Industry strategy for the next five years, in order to raise the percentage of female authors. Only 21 percent of the films supported by the agency in the last 10 years are directed by women and they are mostly short films and documentaries.

    According to the statistics collected among all films supported by the agency since its founding as a film fund in 2008, only 21 percent of films are also written by female scriptwriters, while even less (17 percent) are produced by female producers. Women as scriptwriters and producers worked mostly on short films and documentaries.

    Although the percentages are not very close to achieving a balance between the sexes, a large part of the films made by female authors have achieved a truly significant international success, as many of Macedonian women directors and producers are internationally affirmed.

    “Looking back over the years, it can be said that in recent years there has been a new wave of young female authors, who applied at the last Call announced by the Film Agency, which we hope will result in an increased number of films made by female authors, as especially important for Macedonia”, stated the Macedonian Film Agency.