Film Production Resumes in North Macedonia within Strict Guidelines

    Sabattier Effect / Preeksponirano by Eleonora Veninova Sabattier Effect / Preeksponirano by Eleonora Veninova

    SKOPJE: Macedonian film production is making a strong comeback after the pandemic lockdown with the start of the shooting of the domestic feature Sabattier Effect / Preeksponirano by Eleonora Veninova on 30 June 2020.

    For weeks now, filmmakers in North Macedonia have been looking into how they can proceed with projects they had to postpone because of the COVID-19 crisis. The safety guidelines submitted by the North Macedonia Film Agency have been approved by epidemiologists and the Health Commission allowing film production to go ahead. Eleonora Veninova is the ice-breaker and more filmmakers are expected to follow including Everybody Call Rexho by Ibrahim Deari (produced by ManufakturaProdukcija), Women's Day by Sasa Stanishic (produced by Makedonska krepostand Osvetlen by Srđan Janićijević (produced by Novo Makedonsko Video).  

    Film production is resuming under strict protocols that set out for hygiene and social distancing on and off set. The regulations cover the issues of distancing, limiting numbers of personnel, lists of all people involved, and sanitation requirements. 

    The relaxed restriction on film production is in line with the government's measures relaxation by phases. The country’s borders reopened on 17 June 2020.

    The shooting of Sabattier Effect / Preeksponirano is planned to last for 30 shooting days on location in Skopje and Ohrid. The film is an urban drama about a troubled teenager who disturbs the balance of a married couple when she moves in to stay with them for couple of days. The screenplay is written by Veninova. This debut feature is produced by Goce Kralevski at DNF Films and coproduced with Serbian Lilit, with the support from the North Macedonia Film Agency, Film Center Serbia and Eurimages. The main actors are Sara Klimoska, Blagoj Veselinov and Kamka Tocinovski.