PRODUCTION: Macedonian Director Agim Abdula in Postproduction with Debut Feature Koma

    Koma by Agim Abdula Koma by Agim Abdula credit: Galaktika Pictures

    SKOPJE: Macedonian director Agim Abdula is currently in postproduction with his debut feature Koma, a Macedonian national film, which is set to premiere by the autumn of 2022.

    Afrim and Kenan meet after many years of reviving childhood memories. The calamity that Afrim suffers puts Kenan in a very difficult situation. Is Kenan willing to sacrifice everything to stay close to his childhood friends? Now, both are looking for memories, but in different forms.

    The screenplay is written by Bunjamin Kurtishi with Iranian filmmaker Shahram Mokri as a creative consultant. The cast includes popular actors like Naser Rafuna, Xhevdet Jashari, Refet Abazi, Teuta Ajdini, Adem Karaga, Arsim Fazlija, Ylber Murtezi and Simeon Damevski.

    Bunjamin Kurtishi and Fidush Kjamilio are producing through Galaktika Pictures. Vardar Film is a partner in the production of the film. Almost the total of the 373,984 EUR / 23 m MKD budget comes from production support from the North Macedonia Film Agency.

    The film was shot on several locations in Skopje from 24 January 2022 to 15 February 2022.

    No local distributor is attached yet.

    Production Information:

    Koma by Agim Abdula, credit: Galaktika PicturesGalaktika Pictures (North Macedonia)
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    Director: Agim Abdula
    Screenwriter: Bunjamin Kurtishi
    DoP: Dushan Kardalevski
    Composer: Ronan Maillard
    Sound Design: Darko Spasovski
    Production designer: Ardijan Kadriu
    Costume: Roza Trajcevska
    Make up: Nalan Shaban
    Cast: Naser Rafuna, Xhevdet Jashari, Refet Abazi, Teuta Ajdini, Adem Karaga, Arsim Fazlija, Ylber Murtezi, Simeon Damevski,Visar Etemi, Anxhela Miftari, Sara Bajrami, Kujtime Ahmeti, Fiona Gllavica, Trimosh Ramadani, Sabina Memishi, Lina Abdula, Agan Abdula, Ferhan Kurtishi, Veronika Stanoevska, Burhan Amiti