Film Corporation bringing new productions to Malta


    MALTA: Film Corporation (www.filmok.org) has become one of the leaders in European production services during its five short years of operation in Malta with over a dozen international productions serviced from Germany, Russia, Japan, France and the UK.

    The services and production outfit has announced that it is adding a 2m EUR special submarine for underwater shooting to its already formidable underwater capabilities.

    In December Film Corporation is servicing the international production Fort Ross (Russia) which has returned to Malta for additional shooting after a successful earlier shoot in Malta.  Plus another new foreign production, a TV series titled A Matter of Honour, kicked off shooting today, 14 December 2012.  Film Corporation helmer Anastasia Budykho said the production of two of their own projects, Grandmasters Crown and Storm Warning were already slated for 2013 and two more more services deals were also in negotiation making the company one of the busiest in Europe.

    Film Corporation also has two productions of its own planned for 2013, one feature and one TV series. The studio does its own features for Russian TV and also has done underwater programmes for Discovery Channel.

    “Malta offers incredible opportunities for underwater shooting especially,” said Budykho, “in addition to the clear water there are a number of underwater wrecks from WWII that are ideal for filming historical films. Film Corporation already has considerable underwater expertise on its team. Now we will be adding the submarine for underwater filming in 2013. Our goal is to have a steady flow of productions here so that Malta can keep its professionals employed all year round. We have our own specialist underwater DoPs and underwater stuntmen.

    “There are also important tax advantages for productions in Malta. There is a refund of the 18% VAT and its also possible to get up to a 20 to 22% rebate on money spent shooting in Malta.”

    This goal was one of the reasons why Film Corporation sponsored the recent European Film Academy Awards in Malta earlier this month. Attracting more European and international productions to Malta is one of the strategic goals that they share with the Malta Film Commission. “The government wants to develop Maltese directors and train more people to work here in the film industry and we share those goals,” said Budykho.