PRODUCTION: Peter Sant wraps Maneland

    The landscape of Maneland. The landscape of Maneland. Credit: Peter Sant and Martin Testar

    VALLETTA: Maltese-Australian director Peter Sant, known for arthouse shorts, has finished shooting his debut feature, tentatively titled Maneland, with support from the Malta Film Fund.

    An experiential film about a stasis and slow change, Maneland is set in a rugged cliff-edge hinterland ravaged by a virus that has decimated all animal life except an old man and his two daughters. Debilitated by dementia, the man believes he was once a king and forces his younger daughter to build rubble walls around their hermitage in a desperate attempt to keep the virus from returning.

    “As a film set, Malta has doubled for numerous locations; it is the idea of elsewhere that interests me,” said Sant.

    Maneland has a budget of 240,000 EUR, of which the Malta Film Fund financed 10,000 EUR in development money and 80,000 EUR in production assistance. Hereonin, the collective behind the film, is currently raising funds to complete the film.

    Written by Sant and award-winning novelist Alex Vella Gera, a former maker of short films, Maneland features veteran actors Narcy Calamatta (Trenchcoat) and Michael Tabone (Agora), with newcomer Ruth Borg.

    Ruth Borg in Maneland by Peter Sant, credit: Michael GaleaProduction Information:



    Director/Producer: Peter Sant
    Script: Peter Sant, Alex Vella Gera
    DOP: Martin Testar
    Production Designer: Charlo Dalli
    Editor: TBC
    Location Sound: Giancarlo Dellapina
    Cast: Ruth Borg, Mandy Mifsud, Narcy Calamatta, Michael Tabone, John Zhang