Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell to Star in Maltese Film Just Noise

    Xlendi Bay, Malta Xlendi Bay, Malta photo: Karelj

    VALLETTA: Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell are set to star in the Maltese film Just Noise / Storbju by Italian director Davide Ferrario. This is the first local feature film inspired by the Sette Giugno riots of 1919, considered as Malta’s first real revolution.

    The shooting will start in October 2019. The film is produced by Aaron Briffa, Pedja Miletic and Jean Pierre Magro, who also penned the script. Roland Joffe, Shayne Putzlocher and Sara Shaak are executive producers. The Maltese cast includes Godwin Scerri, Ryan Debattista, Jane Marshall, Narcy Calamatta, Marc Caboudain, Peter Galea, Jesmond Mizzi and Erica Muscat. Electric Entertainment is handling the sales.

    The project was announced at a press conference in Valletta in the presence of the Maltese Minister of Culture, Owen Bonnici, and the Minister of Tourism, Konrad Mizzi, who said that the government was now focusing on pushing the boundaries in the film industry. 

    “People used to laugh when I told them I wanted to make stories about the Maltese people. It’s just not something we’re used to doing. (…) Now the Maltese will set the trends. This is not just our story, it’s the story of the whole nation, and something we can all be proud of”, producer Jean Pierre Magro said, according to maltatoday.com.

    The Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi said at the press conference that, “together with the Malta Film Commission, we will be assisting this production, with the aim of promoting internationally local talent, the film industry and our country. This year we increased the incentives of the Malta Film Fund, so that local productions can reach a higher level, while also attracting more international productions to Malta”