Malta's Producers See Positive Results of Lobbying Efforts


    VALLETTA: The Malta Producers Association applauded the decision to include the film and TV production industry in the government’s support measures. The MPA had worked on lobbying the government after its original plans excluded the industry.

    A statement issued on 26 March 2020, immediately following the government’s announcement of support measures, said: “The Malta Producers Association (MPA) expressed its deep disappointment when the Film & TV industry were excluded from Annex A of the support measures for critically hit sectors.” The MPA had expected the film and TV industry to be included in the support for cultural activities, and emphasised that all film service work for location shoots had halted, as had all domestic production.

    Following the lobbying efforts, the film and TV sector will now be eligible for government aid, which provides a monthly payment of 800 EUR to employees.

    In a statement, the MPA said, “Following its lobbying efforts as well as its call on 25 March, The Malta Producers Association (MPA), welcomes the decision to include the film & television industry in the support measures that were put into place for sectors which suffered the greatest losses in terms of work productivity and output (Annex A of the Covid-wage support measures).”

    The statement went on to say: “The MPA is particularly satisfied that through this inclusion the hundreds of film and television industry crews, technicians, talent, that work so hard behind the scenes and in front of the camera, bringing all sorts of audiovisual content and entertainment to the homes of so many people, are given a lifeline to help them get through these difficult and uncertain times.”