Shoot for The Seed in Malta Not Affected by UK Quarantine


    VALLETTA. The British horror film The Seed directed by Sam Walker continues to shoot in Malta, with the UK imposition of quarantine not having a negative impact, according to a spokesperson from the Malta Film Commission.

    “There hasn’t been a negative impact of the UK quarantine to productions coming from the UK. Like any other production being shot in Malta during the pandemic, the productions are following safety measures released by the Government, and are also applying their own safety protocols on set and off set, to ensure the safety of their cast and crew,” the spokesperson said.

    The Seed, which will finish filming on the island in September, is benefiting from Malta’s cash rebate, which gives productions 40 per cent on eligible expenses.

    The film stars Chelsea Edge, Lucy Martin and Sophie Vavasseur. It tells the story of three women – all social media influencers - heading out on a girls’ weekend away in a remote luxury villa to film a meteor shower for their social media channels, only to meet horror, death and an alien invasion.