FNE Malta Focus 2023: Classified Starring Tim Roth and Aaron Eckhart Shoots in Malta

    Classified shooting in Malta Classified shooting in Malta credit: Malta Film Commmission

    VALLETTA: The feature film Classified starring Tim Roth and Aaron Eckhart is currently shooting 100% in Malta and will generate over 5.3 m EUR for the local economy.

    The production covers 20 shooting days and employs over 109 members of crew, of whom approximately 79% are locals, according to a press release from the Malta Film Commission.

    Classified shooting in Malta, credit: Malta Film Commmission“This is the fifth international production filming in Malta over a span of four months. With more Maltese and Gozitans working on films, it means that our country can attract more productions,” Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech said in a statement.

    Classified’s executive producer Gabriel Georgiev added that talks are underway to bring another production to Malta in 2024.