British TV Production Madame Blanc S3 Shoots in Malta


    VALLETTA: The seven episodes of the third season of the British TV production Madame Blanc are shooting in Malta with a budget of 5 m EUR.

    Visit on set, credit: Malta Film CommissionAmongst the 107 crew members working on this film project, 80% are Maltese and Gozitans, according to a press release by the Malta Film Commission.

    Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech thanked the crew for their support and dedication towards their work and remarked that the film industry is not a burden for Malta, but the energy for Malta’s economy.

    Malta Film Commission is ensuring that both large budget productions, as well as small to medium sized productions are choosing Malta as their filming hub. By enforcing this strategy, the industry is changing from a seasonal one to one that is sustainable. This TV franchise is generating a whopping 11 m EUR+ through its filming of the three seasons in Malta, the press release also reads.

    Click HERE for the press release.