Malta Expected to Fine Production Company

By FNE Staff

    The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) is preparing to seize a 15,000 euro bank guarantee for damages to property incurred by Fire & Blood Productions during filming of the HBO series Game of Thrones.

    According to a report in Times of Malta, the production company is accused of breach of permit conditions during filming in an environmentally important site on the island nation. The company neglected to use the proper material to protect the area when it covered the the site with sand, and did not use proper processes to remove the sand. It was still to be determined if damage to the site was "irreversible."

    The legal action was meant to "send a message" to productions companies coming to Malta for filming. Malta Film Commissioner Luisa Bonello pointed out that it was a one-time occurence and said, "it is hoped this incident does not have negative repercussions on the smooth functioning of Malta's film-servicing sector."

    In a statement, Fire & Blood Productions said it regretted the incident and had hired a local crew to clean up the site. When the error of using improper removal methods was discovered, the company said, "all necessary precautions were immediately put in place."