British Action Thriller Jet Ski Shoots in Malta

VALLETTA: The British production Jet Ski directed by James Nunn is close to wrapping its November 2020 shoot in Malta.

Shoot for The Seed in Malta Not Affected by UK Quarantine

VALLETTA. The British horror film The Seed directed by Sam Walker continues to shoot in Malta, with the UK imposition of quarantine not having a negative impact, according to a…

Malta Arts Association Advocates for Arts Vouchers

VALLETTA: The Malta Entertainment and Arts Association (MEIA), recently established to give a voice to the cultural sector on the island, has urged government to grant people 20 EUR vouchers…

Malta Producers' Association Sees Opportunity for Local Film Professionals After UK Imposes Quarantine Restrictions

VALLETTA: The Malta Producers' Association (MPA) has said there should be “increased interest in maximising use of local cast and crews” when film productions shoot on the Mediterranean island as…

UK Quarantine Restrictions Threaten Malta Film Industry Recovery

VALLETTA: Quarantine restrictions imposed by the UK on Malta, France, Spain and other countries across Europe are threatening to derail the recovery of Malta’s film industry, which has just begun…

Malta Film Commission Launches Screen Malta to Fund Local Film Producers

VALLETTA: The Malta Film Commission (MFC) has announced a funding call for local film producers, under the auspices of the recently launched Screen Malta, administering a total annual budget of…

FESTIVALS: Lack of Public Funding Scuttles Valletta Film Festival 2020

VALLETTA: The 2020 edition of the Valletta Film Festival (VFF), Malta’s first feature-length film festival aiming to showcase high-quality international works to local audiences, has been cancelled this year due…

TV Audiences on the Rise in Malta

VALLETTA: Over 73 percent of Malta’s population watched television during the month of March 2020, according to the island’s Broadcasting Authority. The number represents an increase of nearly 10 percent…

Arts Council Malta Invests Over 1 m EUR in Culture

VALLETTA: The Arts Council Malta (ACM), the Mediterranean island’s national agency overseeing public funding for the creative and cultural sector, has pledged support to 26 non-Governmental organisations – including film…

Malta Sees Almost 750,000 Admissions in 2019

VALLETTA: Cinemas in the Maltese islands, the EU’s smallest member, with a population of 490,000 people, registered a total of 748,568 admissions in 2019, according to statistics released by the…

FESTIVALS: Valletta Film Festival Cancelled

VALLETTA: The COVID-19 crisis and a shortfall in support through public funding have led to the cancellation of the Valletta Film Festival.

Malta Film Commission Responds to Increased Government Support for Film Industry

VALLETTA: The Malta Film Commission has welcomed the timely response of the Maltese government to concerns about the film industry being overlooked in the nation’s emergency measures, and has set…

Malta's Producers See Positive Results of Lobbying Efforts

VALLETTA: The Malta Producers Association applauded the decision to include the film and TV production industry in the government’s support measures. The MPA had worked on lobbying the government after…

Malta Producers Call for Inclusion in Support Measures for Critically Hit Sectors

VALLETTA: The Malta Producers Association (MPA) calls on the Tourism Minister and the Prime Minister to include the film and television industry in the support measures for sectors critically hit…

Maltese Media Companies Call for Government Support to Cover Employee Salaries

VALLETTA: Maltese companies from media, advertising, marketing and PR have asked the government to support them by covering 50% of their employees' salaries for April and May 2020.

FNE Market Analysis 2019: MALTA

Malta experienced a busy year in 2019, with several international shoots on the island and benefiting from its generous 40 per cent cash rebate in expenses. Moreover, strides were made…

New York DCR Finance Corp To Spend 454 m EUR on Film Production in Malta

VALLETTA: The New York film finance company DCR has teamed up with Italian producers and studios for an estimated 454 m EUR spend on TV and film production in Malta.…

Interview with Simon Sansone, President of Malta Producers Association: Impact of 40% Cash Rebate

FNE spoke with Simon Sansone, President of the Malta Producers Association and line-producer, about the latest developments in the Maltese film industry and what still needs to be done.

Italian Netflix Production Shoots in Malta

VALLETTA: The Italian Netflix Production The Incredible Story Of Rose Island is currently shooting in Malta at the water tank facilities from Malta Film Studios. The film is co-written by…

The Obscure Life of the Duke of Corsica Shoots in Malta

VALLETTA: The British adventure/comedy/drama The Obscure Life of the Duke of Corsica, written and directed by Daniel Graham and starring Timothy Spall and Peter Stormare, is currently shooting on locations…