PRODUCTION: Montenegrin/Serbian Doc Djina

    Djina by Sara Stijovic Djina by Sara Stijovic

    PODGORICA: The Montenegrin/Serbian full-length documentary Djina, directed by Sara Stijovic, received a 20,000 EUR grant from Film Center Serbia. It was one of eight projects receiving grants in the minority production category, out of 43 projects submitted.

    Djina examines the aftermath of World War II and the Yugoslav concentration camp Goli otok, by documenting both the private and political biography of the female protagonist Djina Markus.

    The film is a coproduction of Montenegrin Live Production and Serbian coproducer Rezon. It is supported by Film Centre of Montenegro and Film Center Serbia. The budget is 148,000 EUR.

    Production information:

    Montenegrin Live Production (Montenegro)

    Rezon (Serbia)

    Director: Sara Stijovic
    Scriptwriter: Natasa Nelevic
    Producer: Branimir Zugic